Kathina at Santi Forest Monastery, kampung Sungai Tiram, Ulu Tiram, Johore Bahru

02 Oct

triple gem centre (tgc) will be chartering an air-conditioned coach to Santi Forest Monastery (SFM), Ulu Tiram, Johore on Saturday 18 October 2008, to attend their Kathina celebration on Sunday 19 October 2008. 

The coach will leave tgc on Saturday 18 October, at 9.00 a.m. to arrive at SFM at about 2pm.   We will stop for lunch along the way (own expense).  On arrival at SFM, we will have the opportunity to help in the preparation of the Kathina ceremony.  Males are given accommodation in the open hall, whereas females can stay in the covered hall above the dining hall.  Please bring along your sleeping bag.  Dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday will be provided free by devotees and well-wishers of SFM (there will be more than 50 stalls providing free food and drinks).

Presently there are 26 monks observing vassa at SFM and as for the Kathina celebration, more than 50 monks have confirmed their attendance.  In case you wish to make offering to each and every monk, please bring along about 60 small packs of food/drinks/vitamins/other requisites, etc.  I still have limited stock of 100% cotton Thai robes at RM200 per set.  Those who wish to make offerings, but could not attend, can contact me at my email address or my mobile phone.

Coach fare (to and fro) is at RM80 per head (adult and children same fares).  Those who do NOT wish to overnight at SFM can contact Bro Henry Lim at 019-3368 396 (fares also at RM80, and departing from Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields, at midnight of Saturday 18 Nov, to arrive SFM at dawn on Sunday)

SFM is a very basic monastery, focused on Buddhist meditation, located within a 16 acres oil palm estate.  TNB electricity (though very erratic) is supplied to the main hall and functional building.  All kutis, mostly measuring a mere 4 feet x 8 feet, are without electricity.   All resident monks are expected to practise mindfulness as long as they are awake, including doing of daily chores.   Monks at SFM are not allowed to receive angpow.  All donations must be made to the monastery.

After lunch on Sunday, Ajahn Keng usually oblige devotes with a Dhamma sharing session (in English).  While the Dhamma sharing with Ajahn Keng is going on,  Bhante Jutipanno (abbot of Dhamma Light Meditation Centre, Pontian) will deliver a Dhamma talk in Mandarin at the main hall.  We will leave SFM between 2-3pm on Sunday.

Come and have the opportunity to be inspired by the way “striving” monks live.   Please email to or sms to 017-251 3118 / 016-271 8844 to book your seats (first come first serve basis).

tan eng chye

For more information on triple gem centre, please visit

strive on with diligence!

Ajahn Keng, with 22 vassa, is a very down to earth meditation monk.  Ordained by Thanisaro Bhikkhu, Ajahn later took up intensive meditation under the late Laung Por Jiak (disciple of Laung Pu Mun)

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